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What makes a good live broadcaster and commentator? Understanding and knowledge of the subject, a voice that’s easy on the ear, an ability to provide insight for spectators and put interviewees at their ease, personality and, of course, intuition for tone, content and the appropriate moment for humour?

You need all these and more. Peter’s ability to be calm under pressure, to think quickly and verbally keep up with the action mean he can deliver insightful and enjoyable sports commentary either from the pitch or in the studio. His mellifluous and reassuring voice is very familiar to followers of international sporting events such as Badminton Horse Trials and the World Equestrian Games.

Peter’s understanding of what commentators and reporters require from a major sporting event make him a perfect choice for your media management and coordination. Past clients include London 2012 for which he led part of the press management and liaison at Greenwich Park for the Olympic equestrian disciplines.

Contact Vocal Solutions for: media response and management, commentary at live or recorded events, broadcast programme hosting, voice-overs for documentaries, videos and training resources.


What they say

“As a press attaché based in Greenwich, Peter Morris was one of the LOCOG press corps who helped to make my Games in London 2012. His genial presence ensured the 20m long strip of rubbered walkway that we shared with the world’s written press and a stream of Olympic athletes was always cheerful through the tensions of competition and tight press deadlines. Peter ran a seriously efficient mix zone with good humour and authority, tactfully setting the stage and calling the shots to ensure the athletes were well supported and journalists could get what they needed — always with time for a smile and a bit of banter. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional press manager who stood up and delivered when the chips were down.”

Claire Shand, Head of Marketing & Communications, British Equestrian Federation (Equestrian Press Attaché for British Olympic Association for LONDON 2012)